A high level experience

Attrezzeria Acquanegrese was established in 1980 and has developed a specialization in manufacturing trimming tools deburring high-pressure die-cast items in light metal alloys. This experience has been obtained through the co-operation with important foundries and by following the technological progress.

Why are we different?


High quality

No compromise with quality at Attrezzeria Acquanegrese. From the choice of materials through all manufacturing stages up to the final product, everything is aiming at obtaining a tool with a high level of precision, reliability and durability.



Technology is moving very quickly: our management has always been striving to acquire modern instruments and advanced manufacturing techniques on the purpose of obtaining the best possible result with all jobs.


Technical evolution

Over the years, Attrezzeria Acquanegrese has changed from a simple, traditional supplier to a partner assisting the foundry in the research of optimal technical solution. We are operating mainly for the automotive industry, for home-appliances and for electromechanical applications.


After sales service

Starting from the design of the tool, we take care that wear parts and components can be replaced without difficulties. We can supply spare parts even many years after manufacturing the tool.

Keep in touch!

We will be glad to assist you, giving you all the requested information about our company, our manufacturing systems and delivery times.

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